The Kevin Ware Mini (I think)-Controversy
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The Kevin Ware Mini (I think)-Controversy

For the Louisville-area followers...

There are a number of things that irk me about the Kevin Ware story of him getting a speeding ticket awhile back, in a car that wasn’t his, and missing his court date.  This isn’t anything real in-depth.  It’s just a couple of things that are top of mind right now.  Here they are in no particular order.

– Is a Dodge Challenger the “thing” now?  I never really thought about that.  Is that the car the kids love these days?

– Dude–95 miles per hour (or 90, according to Ware) in a 55 mph zone?  In someone else’s car?  I know this isn’t any sort of original thought, but ‘come on, man.’ Now, we’ve all sped in our cars.  Maybe not 90 or 95 for all of us.  But again, in someone else’s car?

– I appreciate that there are some Louisville sports media members that are really investigating this or, at the very least, having a healthy discussion about this.  The “mouthpieces” (every city has them) in town are being drowned out.  That is good.

– It may really be nothing.  I don’t know.  My guess is that it is nothing.  But there are enough coincidences and outright headscratchers to warrant in-depth coverage from media entities, journalistic and otherwise.

– I do know that the J. Wagner Group connection to the vehicle is one of those awfully suspicious coincidences.  Joey and I weren’t super friends or anything, but he was always very nice to me and he’s a fabulous entrepreneur.  He also is deeply connected to the University of Louisville.

– I also know that if this Matt Case guy is just a buddy, why delete your Twitter and Facebook accounts?

– I also know that it peeves UofL haters (i.e. Kentucky fans) when people like me say “it may be nothing.”  Let it be known, if it were your player, he would receive the same treatment, unless you’re against media members doing due diligence before crushing a kid’s career.

– I saw that Tim Sullivan of The Courier-Journal made some jokes at the swift closing of this case by the University of Louisville.  Yes, it was pretty swift.  But, if the University of Louisville had any reason to believe this may be a problem for Kevin Ware’s eligibility status, don’t you think the Cardinals would’ve kept him out of Tuesday night’s game against lowly Hartford?

– Ol’ Ricky P.  I know Pitino is pissed about all of this (as he should be, especially if there’s not a whole lot to it), but to tell the assembled media after Tuesday night’s game that they need “to do their homework” on this story is laughable.  Part of the media doing “their homework” is asking the Hall of Fame coach what’s going on with said story.  Yes, he’s perturbed, but the apparent condescension is unnecessary.

Thanks for reading.

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