Mike Matheny’s extension comes after unprecedented run
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Mike Matheny’s extension comes after unprecedented run

From Little League to World Series in two years

Of my time in St. Louis, I believe my biggest public mea culpa has been reserved for Mike Matheny.

When Tony La Russa retired and John Mozeliak hired the former St. Louis Cardinals’ catcher to take over one of the most prestigious managerial jobs in Major League Baseball, I was astonished.

Matheny, while apparently being molded for this job behind the scenes, was coaching 14-year-old kids when he got the job.

Two years later, Matheny is receiving a contract extension.

Sure, he played.  He was a 4-time gold glover.  Fantastic at his job of the most important position player on the field.

I’m not a phony, like some today who are acting like they praised this hire from the get-go. I scoffed at the hire.  What real training did he have?

He had never been as much as a bench coach at any level, let alone a manager.  And he moved right to the front of the line.

And he’s done fantastic.

But do we really realize just how crazy and rare Matheny’s success has been?  Who else in any sport was able to “leap frog” the ladder that everyone else takes years to climb and jump right into the front seat…

at one of the highest-profile jobs in baseball, replacing a legend, where fans expect success right away…


I can’t think of anyone.  If you can, let me know in the comments section, but as far as I know… what Mike Matheny has done in two years as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals is absolutely unprecedented.

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