#EZMoney: Patriots tonight over the Broncos
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#EZMoney: Patriots tonight over the Broncos

I know... you hate the Patriots...

In a league that does all it can to make sure that every team ends up 8-8 every season, I’m a big bettor on teams that had a crushing loss the week prior.

Enter the New England Patriots. They were hosed last week on Monday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers. I’m always going to like Brady and Belichick coming off a loss, especially one like the one they suffered last week.

But we get a bonus.

In the other direction, I LOVE to fade a team that comes off a big division win. The Broncos win last week to knock the Kansas City qualifies. And they’ve got to travel to KC again next week.

Patriots. Patriots. Patriots. Whatever you can get them at, take em.

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