Pujols vs. Freese: Why is one loved more than the other?
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Pujols vs. Freese: Why is one loved more than the other?

When someone leaves your team, why does it have to be on the team's accord for fans to accept it?

One of the things I will never understand about us as fans: if the star parts ways with our team, we will only celebrate that star if he left on our terms.

But if, God forbid, the star wants to leave on his terms, then we’re just not going to like him for the foreseeable future.

I’ve never understood that. Never will.

The latest example is in St. Louis.

David Freese
– 5 years as a St. Louis Cardinal
– .286 BA
– 44 HR
– 237 RBI
– 1 All-Star Game
– 1 very memorable postseason performance

There have been oodles of St. Louis-based columns, radio shows and blogs that are paying their respects to Freese, fawning over everything he did for the beloved Cardinals.  Sad to see him go.

“Thanks for everything, David.”

“We love you, brother.”

“We’ll never forget what you did for us.”

Any reaction like that, as far as I’m concerned, is legit. It’s natural, not to mention heartwarming, to feel that way.

Now, let’s go the other way.

Albert Pujols
– 11 years in St. Louis
– .328 BA
– 445 HR
– 1,329 RBI
– 3 MVPs
– 9 All-Star Games
– 6 Silver Sluggers
– 2 Gold Gloves
– Numerous memorable postseason performances

The reaction to him leaving St. Louis two seasons ago to go to the Angels and signing a massive free agent contract?

“Good, get out of here.”

“You’re just a money-hungry asshole.”

“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

The only difference: with one, the team made the business decision to part ways. With the other, the player made the business decision to part ways.

How does that work? Why does that happen? Whatever the answer, I can promise you, it doesn’t make sense.

Pujols was the MAIN OFFENSIVE REASON that the St. Louis Cardinals won two World Series titles while he was here.  And when he decides to leave, he isn’t met with anything that even resembles a “thank you.”

But, boy, look at all the “thank yous” for Freese.  The word “disproportionate” comes to mind.

God forbid a player make a decision to work elsewhere for more money, better weather and a fresh start. Could you imagine if us regular Joe Schmoes were ridiculed by everyone in sight for the same thing?

Why can’t both guys be celebrated for all they did for your favorite team? Especially the one that’s a surefire hall of famer.  Especially the one who is arguably the greatest St. Louis Cardinal in the history of the organization.

But nope… all because the player got to make his own decision.  Or he “lied” to you or whatever.  Folks, newsflash: these players lie to us all the time.  This is not new.

I’ll never understand it.

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