Why would Teddy Bridgewater stay at Louisville?
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Why would Teddy Bridgewater stay at Louisville?

Here's a hint: he wouldn't...

For the Louisville readers (and anyone else interested, I guess), just so I’ve got this straight.

Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is the top quarterback prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft according to many of the draftniks.

He’s also graduated. From his twitter account:

As of December 16, 2013 10:34 PM, I can officially say I’m done with school..!! Now it’s time to walk across that stage Thursday

Tell me again why some of you think he’s going to return to the University of Louisville for another season after this one?  Is it because he told you he’s not sure yet?  Look, sometimes you need to sift through public relations first before you get super-excited. It keeps everyone from continuing to question him about whether he’s going to the NFL, at least until after his bowl game is over.  That helps eliminate a lot of distraction.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Bridgewater is going pro after the Russell Athletic Bowl.

He’s sitting on a winning lottery ticket.  It’s time to cash it.  I bet you he knows that.  You should too.

I’ll never forget being on the air in Louisville in 2007 talking about how ridiculous is was that then-quarterback Brian Brohm decided, after winning the Orange Bowl and being as high as the top bleeping pick in some NFL Mock Drafts, to come back to Louisville.  He decided to take one more chance at a national championship and did it with a new head coach, Steve Kragthorpe.  His team went 6-6 that season, and Brohm plummeted on draft boards everywhere.  He ended up being the 56th overall selection (2nd round).  He’s now playing in the Canadian Football League.

I’m assuming Bridgewater is aware of this example.  But even if he’s not, I’d be interested in the real reason he’d still be “torn” on if he’s going to turn pro or not.

I fully admit, I may have this pegged completely wrong.  If I do, feel free to send me a piping-hot plate of crow and a fork.  I’ll eat it.

But my guess is there is no “torn” at all.  It’s just a PR ploy.  He’s jetting.

[Photo credit: ESPN.com]

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