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From Southern Indiana to Oklahoma City on the Anniversary of the Bombing

I remember April 19, 1995 vividly. I was a freshman at Providence High School in Clarksville, Ind. Many students gathered around the TVs as every network was well into their “Special Report” coverage of the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

I remember being frozen by it. I remember purposely being late for my next class. “My teacher will understand,” I remember thinking. “This is a tragedy like we’ve never seen before. If I’m a few minutes late, my teacher will get it.” Truly frozen.

Who knew that 19 years to that very day, I would live on Harvey St.–the same street as the blown-up building–in Oklahoma City. I’m just five blocks down.

Crazy what 19 years will do.

I drive by the memorial basically every day now. I still marvel at it. I still hear Garth Brooks singing “The Dance” (the song dedicated to the victims and their families).

Today, I fly back to Indiana and visit family for the Easter holiday (I become a godfather to my first niece on Sunday as well).

As I do, I am reminded of how thankful I am to have a family to fly to.

And I’m reminded of those who don’t today. Because of what happened five blocks down.

May God be with them all today.

Happy Easter.

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