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My thoughts on “Mr. Unreliable” headline

I don’t know how to blog to TheFranchiseOK.com from my phone, which is what I’m doing now. But, many who missed the show today (how dare you!) are asking for my thoughts on the “Mr. Unreliable” headline The Oklahoman gave Kevin Durant (sounds braggadocios… Yuck. Sorry).

(Please excuse the all-caps… Most of this is straight from my note taking app that I use to prepare for my radio show and I like to type in caps, I guess)

Anyway, here goes.

The Headline: Unless you are a tabloid, the headline is supposed to explain the stories it “heads.” That’s why they call it a “head…line.” So I would be VERY interested to see the writer’s thoughts. If it explains the column, I don’t think many have a problem with it.

Keep in mind, at most publications, the guy who writes the story DOES NOT write the headline.  I don’t know if that happens here or not, but still, jsut want to let you know.
That said: to me, it’s irresponsible NOT because it’s paints with a broad brush.

NOT because it’s true or untrue.


NOT because KEVIN IS GONNA STICK IT TO OKC when he becomes a free agent after reading this headline.

That’s all just hyperbole.  
It’s irresponsible FROM THIS REGARD: it doesn’t really explain the column. Tramel spent TWO GRAPHS on him being “unreliable”… AT THE FREE THROW LINE. Just about 10% of the column in total. So, in that regard, it’s stupid.

Now, that being said… How many times have we made promos for a radio station that take a small sliver of what we said and pump it to bend the ears of listeners… Get them interested? 

We do it plenty. Bloggers do it for clicks. 

McDonalds puts a picture of a beautiful Big Mac on a billboard… We NEVER get a Big Mac that looks like that. It’s a bait and switch by McDonalds. It’s a bait and switch by The Oklahoman. It doesn’t represent what you actually get.

Now, about the sports editor who issued an apology: He pisses me off way more.

To him, it’s cool to have a writer under him singling out “one guy” on team (and I’m cool with that too). But if the tables are turned and the “one guy” is the editor and it’s HIS fault, the word he uses isn’t “I,” it’s “we.” The editor was gutless for not assuming THE ENTIRE BLAME for HIS section of the paper that HE gets paid to oversee.

With great power (and money) comes great responsibility. It’s why it’s okay for Berry Tramel to be critical of the leader of the Thunder. It’s also why it’s okay to be critical of the supposed “leader” of The Oklahoman.

Off the soapbox, I go.

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