Your guide to debunking most gasbags’ BCS arguments
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Your guide to debunking most gasbags’ BCS arguments

My favorite time of year... biases get in the way big time

One of the things I will truly miss when the current Bowl Championship Series format goes away after this season is all of the arguments that media and fans make that are soaked in their own biases.

To me, it falls second only to politics as the time where fans and media are the most irrational and spew out opinions that only fit their narrative.  It never fails.  They can’t help themselves.

And hey, everyone has biases, including me.  For me, I’m anti-Alabama still getting the love that they’re getting despite their loss.  I’m also making sure Missouri gets the credit that they deserve.  It seems like they aren’t, despite winning the SEC East, because they’re the “new guy.”  It’s a bit frustrating to me.  So, yes, I’ve got my biases as well.

So, I thought I’d put together a couple of easy-to-debunk rebuttals to your favorite bias-soaked BCS arguments today.

Gasbag argument: “The winner of the SEC Championship should get into the BCS National Title Game.  Look, it’s the SEC.

Rebuttal: If that’s the case, then how come you haven’t given Missouri more love in previous years when they were successful in the Big 12?  In two years in the SEC, both Texas A&M and Missouri have been the biggest stories in the conference this side of Alabama.  They were never given a sniff while in the Big 12.  Now, seemingly overnight, these SEC newcomers are the apple of SEC fan’s eye.  Where have you been?  Stop it.

Gasbag argument: “Alabama and other SEC teams just have more talent.  Just look at all of the NFL draft picks they have produced.”

Rebuttal: Florida State had 11 NFL draftees last season.  The nation’s most from any one school.  So they are the best team, right?  Should they be allowed a loss to a Top 25 team like Duke this weekend and still get in the BCS Title Game?  Because that’s what you’re arguing: that teams with the most “talent” should be afforded a flaw on their schedule without penalty.

Gasbag argument: “Margin of victory matters.”

Rebuttal: If that’s what you believe, then you also believe a team with a 4-point win over Mississippi State and a 5-point win over Georgia (Auburn) should be ranked behind a team hasn’t won by less than 7 in every SEC win this season (Missouri).  Plus, you would also assume that Missouri’s margin of defeat in their one loss–3 to South Carolina in double overtime with their backup QB–is a better loss than Auburn’s–a 14-point loss at LSU.  Furthermore, wouldn’t an average margin of victory of 17 points in the SEC (Missouri) be better than Florida State’s whipping of everyone in a absolutely terrible ACC?

Gasbag argument: “Alabama still deserves a shot at the title despite the loss to Auburn.  I mean, they lost on a fluke play.

Rebuttal: Mizzou lost on a fluky field goal miss off of an upright in double overtime in a game that featured the team’s backup quarterback.  Isn’t that the same thing?

Gasbag argument: “What are you talking about with Mizzou?  Hell, Oklahoma State has a better argument for a Top 5 ranking right now than Missouri.  They just beat Baylor!” **

Rebuttal: Four out of the five BCS computers disagree… and so do the humans.  Stand down.

Gasbag argument: “Auburn should be in the national championship game.  They beat Bama.”

Rebuttal: Whoa. Hold up.  They haven’t won the SEC yet (I see a LOT of people heading down this road).

If you all have any others that need debunking, let me know.  We can just keep adding to this post.  Just hit me up in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

** I’ve actually seen a sports columnist make this argument.  It sounds good, except the humans AND the computers disagree with him.  Don’t troll.

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