Lions-Ravens is epitome of why sports aren’t fair
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Lions-Ravens is epitome of why sports aren’t fair

Matt Stafford didn't, all of the sudden, play a bad game

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this.

A team plays well enough to win. Has the game all but won. But one final drive by the other team sets them up for a chance, albeit marginal, to win the game. The other team takes advantage of that chance, wins the game.

It happens.

And it did on Monday Night Football this week. The Detroit Lions had the game won. They went on a game-winning drive (we thought) that ended with just 2:21 left on the clock. But, down 16-15, Joe Flacco led the Ravens offense down the field just enough where kicker Justin Tucker could wrap a 61-yard field goal around the right upright and crossbar for the win.

Again, it happens.

But what gets me more than anything are the postgame press conferences for the losing team in a situation like this. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is no more or less of a quarterback because a guy hit a 61-yarder with a half minute left. If the 61-yarder doesn’t wrap around a goalpost, Stafford’s press conference is jovial. He would get a ton of credit for leading his team to a 4th quarter comeback victory.

Instead, while he sits on the sideline and watches Baltimore steal his win, he’s got to stand in that press conference and tell the media and the world how he didn’t do enough to win the game.

That’s the thing: HE DID!

He did what he needed to do. The game was stolen away from him and the entire Lions offense when they left the field.

I know Stafford’s got to go into the postgame press conference and act disappointed.  And he probably is. He probably feels like crap that his team lost. And it certainly wouldn’t serve any purpose to say that he and his offense did enough to win the game right after a loss. That’s PR suicide, no doubt.

But, just having to change your postgame behavior 180 degrees because a kicker had the night of his life and snuck one in from a ridiculous distance seems unfair.

Stafford and the rest of that offense should be judged no differently today.  But they will.

(yes, I know… the things I focus on sometimes are ridiculous)

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