Two very important takeaways from Patriots-Broncos
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Two very important takeaways from Patriots-Broncos

Belichick with a huge middle finger to Manning on Sunday Night.

Let’s jump right in.

No. 1: Can everyone please stop telling me about how Peyton Manning lost the game because of the wind or the cold weather?

His stats, obviously, aren’t the best thing to ever happen to him.  19-for-36 for 150 yards isn’t good by any means.  Consider: I know it’s not easy to remember since the Broncos were winning at one point 24-0, but Manning got credited with another 4th quarter game-tying or winning drive.  Peyton Manning, with the help of ALL OF THAT NASTY WIND, went 80 yards in 10 plays with the clock running down IN FOXBORO.

Bill Belichick decided he was going to take away the passing game of Manning and, because of that, Manning handed the ball off to Knowshon Moreno and he had a career rushing day.  I’m not saying Manning wasn’t affected by the elements a little bit, but would all of the talking heads be spewing out all of this nonsense if a punted ball (by a left-footed punter, did you know that?**) doesn’t randomly hit a Broncos special-teamer?  I doubt it.

No. 2: Belichick won the toss in the overtime and did the right thing by deciding to play with the wind instead of letting the Patriots take the ball to start the overtime.  

loved this move by Belichick. I had this conversation on-air when the rule changed a couple of years ago to give the both teams a chance to possess the ball assuming the first team doesn’t score a touchdown.  If your team can’t stop the other from scoring a touchdown–not a field goal, but a touchdown–to start the overtime, then you don’t deserve to win.

If you hold the team to a field goal, then at least you have the advantage of using an extra down per set of downs to move down into field goal range.  And, hey, best case scenario is you force the opponents to zero points and you can win it with a field goal.  It’s a smart move by Belichick, especially given the weather.

It’s also a big middle finger to Manning.  Belichick is daring Manning to go out and win the game, and he couldn’t.

What’d you think?  Leave a comment below.

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